Voisins Solitaires, tout savoir de la plateforme

As we live in an era where communications have become significantly more reliable, faster and more accessible, it is more difficult than ever to connect with other people.

In such a context, dating sites play a crucial role. However, they still need to be able to offer services that meet the real expectations of users. On the agenda, a detailed opinion on VoisinsSolitaires.com and its services.

Creating a user account

NeighborsSolitaires is an extremely popular dating site . It is estimated that the site has an average traffic of 660,000 unique visitors each month. The most frequent users are divided into groups of 25 to 34 and 55 to 64 years of age.

This is a site that has gained popularity with French speakers in recent years, and which continues to have the wind in its sails.

A particularly simple procedure

To create an account on this site, simply fill out the short form by providing the usual information: age, email, password, city and interest.

Note, however, that the geographic information requested will only be used to offer you people living near you ... The email address will be used to validate your registration.

In terms of the interests to be expressed, you have four choices . What changes us from heterocentric dating sites. So you can be a man or a woman, and show interest in other men or women.

The only problem that we could mark here is that the platform does not seem to give, upon registration, the possibility of indicating multiple interests. That said, you can easily set up your account later to fix it.

Improved functionality for whoever wants it

Once your account is created, you will already have access to the platform. You will be able to launch your first searches and configure your filters.

With the basic account, you can view the list of members currently online, but most of your interactions will be limited.

The platform has been designed to encourage real exchanges . Thus, a user who has not yet filled in the basic information and who has not added a photo, will not be able to consult the information of other users. He thus establishes an interesting reciprocal relationship.

To go even further, you can also pay to access a paid account. The paid account costs 48.56 Canadian dollars per month, with a decreasing rate for 3 and 6 month subscriptions, and frequent promotions at half price!

With such accounts, you will be entitled to additional features:

  • unlimited discussions
  • photos in maximum resolution
  • more extensive search parameters
  • sharing multimedia content in the chat
  • and even constant assistance from customer support

Absolute control of your data

A major fear when creating an account on a dating site is to see its information diverted. Fortunately, the privacy policy of VoisinsSolitaires is very clear in this area.

Managing your profile

Managing your profile is granular . So you can add the information you want to present to other users, but also decide who can see it. So you can bring more visibility or more discretion to your profile, depending on your mood and your needs at the moment.

Configuring search filters

As for the search filters , you can decide what are the search criteria on the basis of which other people can find you. Whether it's geographic location, age, interest shown, etc. A practical way to reduce your interactions to only the people who might interest you in return.

Privacy policy

With the utmost respect for GDPR standards and the protection of user data, VoisinsSolitaires operates transparent management of all the data provided and generated by you on its platform. You will therefore be able to clearly see what use is made of your data and request that it be deleted.

The actual connection

On VoisinsSolitaires, users are connected in several stages . First, the search parameters of several users must match. After which, they can decide, on their own, to get in touch with the people who catch their attention. Finally, the chat room of the platform will be used to discuss, exchange multimedia content and possibly, decide on a meeting itself. A process throughout which users will not have to suffer the interference of a third party.

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